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Brown Wooden Surface

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Dark Wood Panels
Rockness Momster art used for background, Bee Hive Transparent

Within these virtual walls, you'll discover the vibrant tapestry of my creative journey—a journey that began with a natural penchant for graphic design and painting, evolving into an exuberant expression of artistry across various mediums. Join me as I unravel the threads of my artistic evolution, marked by organization, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to originality.

As a creative soul, I've always found solace in the realms of graphic design and painting. These early explorations laid the foundation for the distinctive artistic path I would tread. Organization and perseverance became my guiding companions, vital elements in the alchemical process of developing an original and unique style that would soon become synonymous with Rockness Momster.

The pivotal year 2020 brought with it unprecedented challenges, but amidst the chaos of a global pandemic and the clamor of bored kids, my creativity flourished, blossoming into a passionate business endeavor. The constraints of quarantine provided fertile ground for the seeds of inspiration to sprout, and Rockness Momster emerged as a vibrant sanctuary where artistic expression knows no bounds.

Handcrafted wood birdhouse, hand painted a vibrant teal with bold purple flowers and sea glass. Upcycled jewelry pieces used as accents, 1.5 inch entrance hole, Garden art or beautiful for inside decor, Rockness Momster
Handcrafted hanging bluebird box, hand painted purple vibraHandcrafted wood birdhouse covered in beautify caramels and cream colored stones and crystals. Upcycled jewelry pieces used as accents, two entrance holes  Garden art or beautiful for inside decor, Rockness Momster
Welcome to the Kaleidoscopic Realm of Rockness Momster's Artistry!
Rockness Momster art used for background, Bee Hive Transparent
Handcrafted wood heart ornament, hand painted a distressed purple, ornate teal and cream pattern, hand bent wire whimsical dog, You can always find hope in your dog's eyes, Rockness Momster
handcrafted artisan magnet, hand painted distressed sunflower yellow, upcycled jewelry pieces, silver sunflower charm, joy spelled out of wire and hand painted patina, strong magnet, Rockness Momster
Rockness Momster art used for background, Bee Hive Transparent
Bluebird flying to bluebird box
Bluebird  landing on bluebird box

Enter the enchanting world of Rockness Momster, where every creation is a testament to the power of artisan hands and the magic woven into unfinished wood. From these humble beginnings, my handcrafted pieces come to life—each one a unique manifestation of creativity, transforming raw materials into WOW-worthy treasures. The collection spans a diverse array, featuring beautiful handcrafted wood birdhouses, hanging bluebird boxes, refurbished jewelry and keepsake boxes, ornaments, magnets, and an assortment of other whimsical wonders.

One of the hallmarks of Rockness Momster's artistry is the commitment to individuality. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, meticulously designed and brought to life by my artisan hands. From the rough-hewn charm of wood birdhouses to the whimsy of hanging bluebird boxes, each item resonates with its own distinctive personality, a reflection of the care and craftsmanship poured into its making.

The culmination of this creative odyssey is the culmination of all my handcrafted pieces in one place—a treasure trove of artistic wonders waiting to be explored. This central hub is a manifestation of my artistic vision, inviting art enthusiasts and collectors alike to immerse themselves in the kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and narratives that define Rockness Momster.

So, whether you're seeking a unique wood birdhouse to grace your garden, a hanging bluebird box to add charm to your space, or a refurbished jewelry box to hold cherished mementos, Rockness Momster has something special waiting for you. Step into this vibrant world of art where each piece is a labor of love, a fusion of creativity and craftsmanship that transcends the ordinary. Welcome to —the culmination of a creative journey, the celebration of individuality, and the convergence of passion and artistry.

Studio Art For Your Home

Add a touch of whimsy to a windowsill, humor on the fridge, and inspiration in the office. Or illuminate a cozy corner and enjoy the birds on a colorful perch. Each Rockness Momster collection is a kaleidoscope of textures, patterns and colors blended into detailed layers to add a twinkle to the eyes, lift smiles, spark laughter and inspire the day. All pieces are carefully finished with a protective polish and suitable for display indoors and out.

Renewed Beauty

Recycle and reuse is a signature expression in all of the pieces. My studio art is crafted from retired costume jewelry, up-cycled bottle corks, forgotten fabric swatches, and broken shells which would normally be discarded. I revive these tossed-out-tidbits and boldly pair them with natural elements, pattern kissed papers, hand sculpted wire figures and acrylic-painted designs. Each piece of renewed beauty is unique and can never be replicated again.

Ingredients From Land To Sea

All pieces are tenderly touched by the gifts of Mother Nature which span land to sea. From the earth are semi-precious gemstones with the twinkle of pink quartz to the fire of carnelian. Forest finds including windblown twigs and the tiny mystics of moss and lichen. Treasures from the sea are tumbled glass, bits of shell and sharks teeth the Tooth Fairy forgot. And, yes, rest assured, all are sustainably sourced to ensure a light footprint.

Dark Wood

The Possibilities Are Endless.

Dark Wood

Custom Jewelry Boxes and Keepsake Boxes

Do you have an old jewelry box? Let's talk about bringing it back to life. The possibilities are endless. To customize keepsake boxes I can put any phrase on it along with the theme you want. My keepsake box's sweetest feature is they are like our loved ones - just as beautiful on the inside as the outside.  

Custom Birdhouses and Bluebird Boxes

I can customize any birdhouse or bluebird box. Some of Rockness Momster's best creations came from custom order requests. Two of my favorite hanging wood birdhouses were an "I Love Lucy" birdhouse and a "Grinch" birdhouse. How fun! Reach out to me and we'll create what you can dream.

Custom Ornaments, 

Magnets and More

If you don't see an ornament or magnet for your needs talk to me. I will happily make an ornament or magnet with your theme of choice. I can also personalize the ornament or magnet of your choice. Put your loved ones name on one or a wedding, or birth date. Reach out and I'll create what you need!

Custom Birdhouse, Rockness Momster
Custom Jewelry Box, Rockness Momster
Custom Magnets, Rockness Momster
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