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Two Dried Leaves
Teri Moser, Rockness Momster

I attribute my foray into designing birdhouses entirely to my two boys and the unique circumstances presented by the pandemic. If you've ever had children, you'll likely resonate with the ubiquitous presence of rocks—discovering them in pockets, the washer, dryer, and mysteriously finding their way under the couch. Each rock, seemingly inconspicuous to adults, holds immense value in the eyes of a child. I found myself unable to part with a single rock, and it was this delightful habit that inadvertently sparked my creative journey.

As my boys and I collected rocks together, our searches became more intentional, evolving into a shared exploration for unique rocks and gems across North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, and even as far as Minnesota. The turning point occurred when my niece and I brought home agates from the shores of Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota. Inspired by our discoveries and fueled by the circumstances of the pandemic, I felt compelled to transform these rocks into something meaningful.

Picture this: safety glasses on, my boys and I ventured outdoors, breaking rocks and unleashing a surge of energy in the process. It was during these creative outdoor sessions that the idea struck—why not adorn birdhouses with these precious rocks? Thus, my journey into rock-infused birdhouse designs took flight.

Over the past couple of years, this initial spark has evolved into a full-fledged artistic endeavor. Expanding beyond birdhouses, I now incorporate rocks and gems to design and refurbish jewelry boxes, keepsake boxes, and ornaments. My artistic palette has broadened to include a diverse array of mediums, from upcycled jewelry and corks to feathers, lichen, sticks, gears, and even sharks' teeth. Essentially, if something artistically captivates my eye, it becomes a potential element in my creations.

What began as a whimsical habit of collecting rocks with my boys has blossomed into a passion for transforming ordinary materials into unique, handcrafted works of art. The pandemic, with all its challenges, provided the catalyst for me to channel creativity and energy into these artistic endeavors. The process of turning found treasures into cherished pieces has become a deeply rewarding journey, and I look forward to continuing this exploration, finding beauty in the unexpected, and sharing the joy that each creation brings.

My Story...

Things I Do

Recycle, Reuse & Refurbish

I'm always on the lookout for items that I can use to spice up my art. Especially when I can repurpose items and use them in unexpected ways!

Blending Patterns & Textures

Mixing colors, patterns and texture from shiny sea glass, paint, paper, fabric, upcycled broken jewelry, rocks, upcycled metal, shark teeth, and more.

Experimenting with Resin

I was told that once you start using resin, you'll want to put it on everything. They were right! My youngest son found a horseshoe crab shell at the beach - I put resin on it! 

Shipping & Pickup Policies

Local Pickup Information

Local pick up for purchased items is at Golden Antiques And Treasures in Summerfield, NC. Once I receive your order give me a day or two for processing. When your item is ready for pickup I will email you. Please do not go to Golden Antiques And Treasures until you have confirmation that your purchase is ready for pick. Click on the link below to get current store hours.


Pickup address is:

Golden Antiques And Treasures

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Standard shipping for all items. Including orders over $100 that qualify for free shipping. If you need it quicker, please message me and I will try my best to work with you!


  • Processing Time: I will ship your product within 1 to 3 days after purchase. If you need it quicker, please message me and I will try my best to work with you!

  • Shipping Time: Depending on the shipping method chosen, transit time will be approximately 2 to 9 business days. Rockness Momster produces and ships at an over 99% on-time rate. But we cannot control the shipping services. If your items tracking shows “Shipped - In Transit” please contact the carrier.​

Return & Exchange Policy

Returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase

Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and any loss in value if an item isn't returned in original condition.


* Custom orders are not returnable.

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