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Handcrafted Wood Birdhouses (Large)

In the heart of Greensboro, North Carolina, a creative haven comes to life in the form of Rockness Momster's art studio—more affectionately known as the kitchen. It is here that a unique blend of artistry and craftsmanship converges to birth the whimsical wonders of handcrafted hanging bluebird boxes, tailored for bird-lovers and their darling, blue-feathered friends.

The journey begins with a nod to Mother Nature, where sustainably selected trees takes center stage. Each piece is locally hand-milled, planed, sanded, and meticulously assembled, infusing the essence of craftsmanship and sustainability into every fiber of these avian sanctuaries. Designed with the discerning birdy in mind, these hanging birdhouses boast a cozy floorspace and a welcoming round 1.5” entryway—a perfect haven for cavity nesters seeking simplicity and security.

What sets Rockness Momster's birdhouses apart is not just their functionality but the artistry that adorns their exteriors. Each box becomes a canvas for Rockness Momster's original designs, featuring whimsical characters, intricate wire designs, fragments of up-cycled jewelry, or the sparkle of crushed gemstones—all set against a vibrant, abstract backdrop. The finishing touch is a splash of resin, not only adding a glossy finish but also providing a durable shield that ensures these handcrafted masterpieces can grace both indoor and outdoor spaces.

What makes these birdhouses truly exceptional is the commitment to individuality. Every creation is a labor of love, designed by hand each time. No two pieces are identical, even if they share the same concept or product composition. This dedication to uniqueness guarantees that each hanging birdhouse is not just a functional home for our feathered friends but a one-of-a-kind work of art that carries its own distinct charm.

Beyond serving as a sanctuary for birds, these hanging birdhouses seamlessly transition into year-round home decor. A burst of vibrant art, they stand as a testament to the power of creativity in boosting cheer, elevating smiles, and inspiring a chuckle when needed the most. Fun-rated for collectors with diverse tastes—from cows to owls, spring flowers to bee-utiful bees—these hanging bluebird boxes cater to a wide range of themes, ensuring there's something for everyone.

For those who crave a truly bespoke creation, Rockness Momster welcomes custom orders. Whether you desire a unique theme or a personalized touch to match your style, the option to request a special order piece is just a click away. Embrace the extraordinary with Rockness Momster's handcrafted hanging bluebird boxes—where art meets avian abode, and each creation tells a story of craftsmanship, individuality, and the harmonious coexistence of nature and art. Click here to get started on your own enchanting avian adventure!


Don't worry—there's still hope! As the sole creator managing everything from crafting the art to attending craft shows and maintaining the website, there are moments when demand surpasses my ability to keep up. However, there's a chance I might have the sold-out item at home.


Your interest is invaluable, and I'm dedicated to ensuring you can obtain the piece you've set your heart on. Please reach out to me, and let's explore the possibilities. Your understanding and support are greatly appreciated as I strive to deliver exceptional, handcrafted art to each valued customer.


Feel free to contact me, and let's work together to make your artistic dreams a reality.

Best, Teri - Rockness Momster

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    The Possibilities Are Endless.

    Dark Wood

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    Do you have an old jewelry box? Let's talk about bringing it back to life. The possibilities are endless. To customize keepsake boxes I can put any phrase on it along with the theme you want. My keepsake box's sweetest feature is they are like our loved ones - just as beautiful on the inside as the outside.  

    Custom Birdhouses and Bluebird Boxes

    I can customize any birdhouse or bluebird box. Some of Rockness Momster's best creations came from custom order requests. Two of my favorite hanging wood birdhouses were an "I Love Lucy" birdhouse and a "Grinch" birdhouse. How fun! Reach out to me and we'll create what you can dream.

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