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Hand Painted Cobalt Blue Birdhouse - Wood birdhouse is hand painted a beautiful cobalt blue. The roof has an ornate pattern hand painted with vibrant greens, orange, red, periwinkle and yellow. An upcycled cork is used as a perch. And blue sea glass is sprinkled around the base for added texture. When the design is complete resin is poured one side at a time for a durable-glossy coating. A beaded wire on top of the birdhouse roof for easy hanging outdoors


Ensuring durability and longevity, the completed design undergoes a meticulous process. Resin is poured one side at a time, creating a hard-glossy protective coating that enhances the vibrant colors and shields the birdhouse from the elements. The finishing touch is a beaded wire delicately placed on top of the roof, allowing for easy hanging and effortless integration into your outdoor sanctuary.


Bring a touch of elegance and whimsy to your garden with our Hand Painted Cobalt Blue Birdhouse—a true testament to the artistry and care invested in its creation. Admire the beauty of nature and art coming together in this unique and eye-catching birdhouse.


• Size: The size is approx. H 8.25“, W 5.5“, D 5.5“ & Hole opening is 1.5”

Cobalt Blue Birdhouse

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  • Outside: Can be used to dress up an outdoor planter box, hang on a shepherd hook even put in your garden or yard near landscaping as an adorable house for bees, bugs or maybe even a fairy :)

    Inside: Dress up an indoor potted plant, use as a focal point on a bookshelf or mantel. These birdhouses are so unique and are an absolute conversation starter! The possibilities are endless.

    Makes a great addition to any home or garden.

    Size: The size is approx. H 8.25“, W 5.5“, D 5.5“ & Hole opening is 1.5”

    Birdhouse is perfect for birds like chickadees, wrens and many more.

    Ventilation : Gaps are intentionally left at the seam where the side walls of the birdhouse meet the roof. These gaps are under the lip of the roof. Also some houses have additional ventilation holes located on the bottom. 

    Custom Orders and Personalization: I LOVE custom orders and I want you to fall in love with your purchase. As you can see I am head over heels for details even the tiniest. Talk to me and I can do just about anything from creating the theme you dreamed up or incorporating a loved one's name or sentimental phrase. Just message me for more information and pricing!

    * All my products are handmade and because each piece of material differs you may find some imperfections or slight variations from the photos on my website.

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